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מסמך של פליקס הורן

מסמך שנמסר לי על ידי פראנק מוזר , נכתב על ידי פליקס הורן . לא ידוע מקורו ולא ידוע על מישהו ששרד ממשפחה זו .
7/4/06(אמנון עצמון) - נודע לי כתוצאה מחיפוש באינטרנט כי המסמך נמסר על ידי סטיוון צ'רטר , חבר קיבוץ ניר אליהו שמוצא משפחתו (אם אימו הוא מוזר והורן).
המקור באידיש נמצא אצלו והוא ישלח אלי .
סטיב הורן שינה את שמו בארה"ב לרוברט וויז (Wise) . בשנת 1948 התחתן שוב וכנראה שיש לו בת .
















Dark outside, six o clock in the morning,
We stand by the window; a woman comes running and says,
"Oh! Woe is us, the whole town is surrounded."
We know and understand into whose hands we have fallen.


What should I do with my little lamb?
He is still lying asleep in his cot.
Where should one run to hide him?
Ach! It's horrible to endure this.


Quickly, quickly, the mother grabs her child,
Ach! But where does one find an escape?
She flees with him, but only runs a couple of steps.
I watch from the window as she is captured.


Oh! Woe is me! What has happened to me?
I fall into a faint; I cannot move.
I saw how a tall murderer led them away.
I am unconscious and confused.


What should I do, where should I run?
All around there are many, many murderers. A whole battalion,
All one hears are violent cries of "Out, Out!"
They are forcing all the Jews out.


There was destruction in the town.
Why such wrath towards us?
The cries become greater.
Our end has come and the end to all Jewish children.


Oh God! How should I run? Where should I run to?
Through the window, a second murderer
Can be seen leading away my sister
I tear at my hair. Lost, we know, lost, we know.


I run around wildly in the house,
And look for a place to hide myself in,
Just not to surrender myself to them.
Where to? It is already impossible to go outside.


In a flash I am in the attic,
Having first piled things on the stairway
And then pulled up the ladder,
I didn’t lie there very long.


Suddenly I hear my wife's voice.
Is it possible that she has returned?
It seems to me that I must be unconscious,
And that I have imagined her.


But soon I hear, "Take up the child,
We are all lost now.
I met one of them, pleaded,
And I somehow managed to reach his heart with mine".


What should I do with you, little child?
I cannot look at his beautiful, frightened face.
What should I do with you?
Oh God! Why did you come back here?


I run with the child to the back of the attic,
It is sorrowful and bitter for us.
So painful, I cannot look at him
As I press him to my heart for the last time.


We didn’t lie there long.
We hear someone enter and it throws us into a fright.
Suddenly, murderers are standing near us.
At once they order us to go, "Get out!"


Ach! Our end has come.
Sighs and voices are heard.
I received another couple of blows.
My blood flows, as I lead my little one.


We get up at once, they push us along.
Ach! World-murderers that you are,
Why do you come to kill us like this?
Why do you need our blood?


What urges you to conquer the world?
That costs so many Jewish lives.
World-murderers that you are,
Your time will come, too!


You constantly dedicate your culture,
To a more modern and efficient destruction of the world,
This is your idea of a thousand years?
You will not succeed; you will meet your downfall!


They drive us together in one crowded place.
They beat us all the time,
Everyone sitting, not moving, waiting
Until they are sent off.


We waited until four o'clock in the afternoon.
"Get up! Hurry! Get up! Hurry! ".They shouted at us.
Suddenly shoving us together to leave,
God forbid that we tarry!


A long column stretches out.
Adieu, adieu you beautiful sun,
Tomorrow at this time not one of us will remain.
Quickly, quickly, they drive us along.


Shots are heard,
And the dead begin to fall.
Many already lie all around us,
And we still have to look at this!


They start to beat us hard,
As we ascend the big mountain.
How does one endure this?
Shouts and screams, "Out! Go Out!"


Beaten and driven, we arrive at the station.
We are assigned sixty five people to a railroad car.
We sit down again, and cry,
Ach! Woe to us!


You tremble from fear my little lamb.
I throw my jacket over him
And cover his young body
And they push us, "Quickly, Quickly!"


I feel a murderer's hand on my throat.
"Out, Out!" I am dead anyway.
I embrace the child for the last time.
We cry bitterly and look at one another.


Out! Quickly!" I hear once again."
They lead me away to a far off hell.
I hear my wife's last words,
And they touch me deeply.


Go! Go! Perhaps you will save yourself,"
And someday you will tell all." She pleaded me.
"No! No! I must go with you,
Whatever will be or will happen."


They drive us with clubs into the cars.
A deathly fear falls upon us.
Just one minute more to breathe the air.
Adieu, Adieu world, beautiful world.


For the last time, another glance,
Just once more, my son,
I will never see you again.
Ach! How I will suffer from this.


This happened on October, 5th. 1942.
Only a couple of us remain.
How did I remain alive?
To this I can give no answer.

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